Soaring Moon, LLC

Soaring Moon, LLC

Thank you for visiting Soaring Moon Books.  Founded in 2007, Soaring Moon is a print-on-demand publisher with a very simple business concept: fully utilize current technology to publish and promote meaningful books with minimal overhead.  Each book order is freshly printed and delivered directly to the distributor or consumer. We maintain no inventory, and have never relied upon brick and mortar for our success.  2013 has been Soaring Moon’s best year yet.

Soaring Moon is currently engaged in a series of books which use empowering and fun activities to empower children: self-directed learning for kids, with a fun twist!  The first, My Moving Activity Journal, benefits children whose families are relocating.

Soaring Moon will also be publishing two books to benefit women in business.

Soaring Moon welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with authors, illustrators, and designers for future projects.

Founded by Nicole L. Voigt, owner, author, attorney, mom.

Thank you for visiting Soaring Moon Books!