About Soaring Moon

Nicole L. Voigt

Nicki Voigt, Owner

Nicole Voigt  is founder of Soaring Moon LLC and is author and illustrator of “My Moving Activity Journal.”

Founded in 2007, Soaring Moon is a print-on-demand publisher with a very simple business concept: fully utilize current technology to publish and promote meaningful books with minimal overhead.  Each book order is freshly printed and delivered directly to the distributor or consumer. We maintain no inventory, and have never relied upon brick and mortar for our success.

Nicki has moved over 20 times, starting as a young child, and most recently, as the mother of young children.  Having lived in nine different states from coast-to-coast, she has first-hand experience in relocation.  The Moving Activity Journal combines her own moving expertise and research, with an appreciation of what it is like to be a little kid in the middle of a big change.

Nicki brings a multidisciplinary background and a passion for creating to Soaring Moon.  Her background includes her active practice as an attorney, managing business, work as an ecologist, research in environmental science, and teaching environmental education .  Since early childhood, she has written stories and poems, and she drafted her first moving journal during one of her own big moves (1475 miles!) at the age of thirteen.  Her longest move was over 3000 miles.  Her most important, enlightening, and rewarding job has by far been caring for her two sons, Sean and Wyatt.

Jackie Wavrunek

Jacquelyn Wavrunek served as editor of ‘My Moving Activity Journal, 2nd Ed.’  Jackie is the former owner of Jacquelyn Graphics (www.jacquelyngraphics.com), a Graphic Design firm that served clients throughout the United States and the Caribbean.  Jackie brought unbounded talent and extensive expertise to Soaring Moon Books.  Her comprehensive experience included computer based graphic design, putting pen and pencil to paper to create beautiful full-color or black and white illustrations, nation-wide Advertising Sales, creative Copy-writing, Web Design, and multi-project Art Direction.  Her commercial and fine artwork spanned an impressive array of subjects and styles, demonstrating a true gift for limitless artistic expression.  Jackie’s publishing career began in the 1970’s, when she provided artistic services to newspapers and later art direction, illustration, and sales as a partner of a weekly gardening periodical released through the Dallas Morning News.  She worked briefly for a major Art Studio in Chicago, Illinois before starting her own Chicago based Graphic Design firm.