My Moving Activity Journal: Activities, Games, Crafts, Puzzles, Scrapbooking, Journaling, and Poems …for Kids on the Move! Second Edition

Moving with children is made easier with this all-in-one Scrapbook, Journal, and Activity Book that guides kids through a family relocation and entertains them during the busy time of planning a move.  Complete with over 100 encouraging and interactive activities, helpful icons direct young movers through journaling, exploring and discovering, geography, arts and crafts, and games and puzzles.  Each activity covers specific moving topics in a fun and creative way.  Build your child’s confidence by positively addressing everything from remembering your home, schools, friends, and community to learning about the new ones you’ll be moving to.  Other activities creatively cover topics such as moving pets, packing, preparing for moving day, collecting addresses, staying in touch with old friends, making connections, safety, settling into your new community, and more.  This book is filled with moving tips and includes answers to games and puzzles.  The individualized format makes the activity journal easily adaptable to all ages, from pre-readers to teens.  Moving is a unique opportunity to draw upon children’s natural curiosity to encourage positive skills for getting through big changes.  This Activity Journal facilitates transition through creating, playing, planning, learning, helping, working together, sharing feelings, and most importantly, having fun.

Five Tips for Empowering Children during a Family Relocation

Relocating a family is a monumental task. Even the most organized of parents will likely feel the stress and pressure of staying on top of every-day life while also arranging for the transfer of each possession, account, record, and so on. As a parent, I have experienced the reality that, during times of increased stress and transition, my children need me even more than usual, yet I have less time, money, and energy available. Undoubtedly, moving is a huge distraction, and kids can get a little lost in the shuffle.

At the same time, moving is a unique opportunity for children to experience new and incredibly valuable life-skills. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, “With the proper attention from parents