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My Moving Activity Journal: Activities, Games, Crafts, Puzzles, Scrapbooking, Journaling, and Poems …for Kids on the Move!  2nd Edition, By Nicole L. V. Jaeger

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“Children are quickly drawn in with clever games, projects and activities that get the moving experience started down a positive road that builds confidence all the way.  From old to new, each part of the journey becomes special and chronicled forever in a unique keepsake.”   Sally Smith, Tutor/Director, Unlocking Potential LLC,  Fairhope, Alabama

“One of my Military Counselors…went through them very quickly, so they seem to be popular!”

“The journal is packed with activities and games to encourage discussion and reflection during family moves.  Activities cover every subject your children might have concerns about.  Perfect for school age kids but can be used for younger ones with the help of a parent.  A wonderful gift idea and an incredible value for the content.”  A reviewer, in the military – moved 13 times! 05/04/2007 (from Barnes & Noble online).

“Thanks so much for sharing the Moving Activity Journal with us.  We think it’s awesome.  Even after our move, my daughter gets hers out every so often and adds more to it.  I thought that was a great testimony to its appeal!  It really is a neat thing for kids to have to do while a move is happening.  And, I think it will be really cool for them to look back on.  It’s just a great idea all around!” Mother of 2, Stillwater, Minnesota